Winter Olympics 2022 Promotion


My Focus

The 2022 Winter Olympics is going to take place on Feb 4th in Beijing, China. Athletes from different countries are going to 
present their excellent skills and intelligence in multiple winter sports. Nevertheless, 
The global attentions on winter Olympics 
are always less than the summer Olympics.


Winter Olympics is too far away from normal people. The knowledge behind the sports are lack of publicity to the audience, which make the audience hard to interact with the sports and learn more about them.

My Goal

How might we design a system to help the people
 who are beginners/amateurs to know 
more about winter Olympics games and become part of it.

Function Demo

Learn Professional Winter Sporting Skills and Knowledge with Athletes

Users can find the available athletes as instructors on the official website to learn their sporting skills and knowledge by enrolling in available courses.

Practice Basic Sporting Skills at Home by using TV

Users can use their TV at home to practice basic sporting skills by using AR technology to justify their body movements.


User Journey Analysis

  • Audience may not know how a game is played, like 
what may cause a participant lose the qualification for participating in competition.

  • There is no way for normal people or amateurs can try to learn Olympics level knowledge and skills.

  • There is not a engaging way for the online audience 
to have interactions with the sports and other people.

Persona Creation



Low-Fi prototype shows the process of how a user search and enroll an available course provide by the Winter Olympics 2022 official website.

Design Style Explorations

Style 1: Professional

This style aims to provide users a professional learning environment so that users can focus on learning sporting skills and knowledge.


Style 2: Calm

This style aims to provide users a relaxing learning environment with less pressure when they are learning professional skills and knowledge.


Style 3: Interactive

This style aims to provide users a fun and interactive learning environment so that they can learn the professional sporting skills and knowledge joyfully.


Final Design Style Direction

Design System

Design Iterations

Usability Testing

In order to make the design applicable, I planned four rounds of usability testing to collect users' reactions and feedback based on my design. There are three standards for testing.

  • Functionality

  • Design Logic

  • Design Clarity

Based on the feedback from my usability testing, I redesigned the visual style of the available instructors' information to make the layout design visually clearer, simpler, and more pleasing.



Based on the feedback from my usability testing, I redesigned the visual style of the course scheduling webpage to make it visually consistent with the design of this project. Besides, I also simplified the scheduling process to improve user experience.



Based on the feedback from my usability testing, I redesigned the visual style of the course webpage so that visually it can be clearer for users to find out their course information.



Final Design

TV System Design