What is Soca?

Soca is the app to download to land your dream job with job referrals, interview questions, salary data and much more.

My Role

UI/UX Designer Intern

My Responsibilities

- Led the competitive analysis of six market products with reward systems for team reference.
- Led the design of the reward system for Soca.
- Categorized the design system of the Soca Mobile app.

Key Functions

Enable Direct Message

Users can activate the direct message function with the other users they would like to connect with and interact with by using Karma.

Award a Post

Users can award the post they like by using Karma. The awarded Karma from participants will be given to the user who posts the content.

Invitation for Interaction

Users can invite people to interact with their posts by using Karma. Inviting a specific number of participants require a certain amount of Karma.


Goals of Soca Reward System

1. Attract more users
2. Encourage the users who are already using Soca to keep using it
3. Promote engagements between users
4. Help users improve their influences and creditability

Competitive Analysis

In order to have a better understanding of reward system design. I analyzed six language learning applications in the market to learn about their methods and their advantages and disadvantages.

Competitive Analysis Example


  • Very entertaining

  • Promotion is fast and strong

  • Personal influence develops fast

  • Enhance in-app engagement

  • Not for professional communication

  • Unstable creditability

  • Not enjoyable tasks

Design Opportunities

1. Focus on increasing a user’s influence
2. Focus on motivating communication
3. Rewards can improve a user’s in-app priority

Design Process

01. Function Exploration

Final Design